Affordable small business website design

We know it is hard being a small business. You are often wearing many hats and juggling endless tasks. The last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer and try to build yourself a website, battling technology you aren't familiar with.

You know you need to get your business an online presence, but you need something that is affordable without looking 'cheap'. In short you need affordable web design that doesn't suck.

That is where I can help you - I build high quality, small business websites that don't break the bank. I am a freelance website designer in Perth who specialises in Wordpress and Silverstripe (content management systems) development.

I've been building websites for over a decade and as a freelancer I am able to keep my rates more affordable than the big agencies in Perth. I also work with other graphic and digital specialists to ensure that your website is effective and reflects your business branding. So whether you need a complete branding package, digital marketing or seo (search engine optimisation) services, I can put you in touch with the right person for the job.

Wordpress web design

Wordpress is the 'category killer' of content management systems and with good reason. It is super easy to use, and the community support for it is fantastic. With Wordpress I offer both custom designed websites for small business and theme set ups.

Custom Designed Websites

A custom designed website is designed specifically for your business. You won't find another one exactly the same. It will be designed to take into consideration your business objectives, marketing strategy & branding. It will be unique.

A custom designed website from one of the big agencies in Perth might set you back many thousands of dollars, but working with a freelance web designer can drastically reduce this cost, making your website far more affordable and cost effective.

Wordpress Theme Setup

I know that not all small businesses might have the budget for a custom website design, in order to make your web design more affordable I can also offer Wordpress theme setups. The beauty of being the giant of CMS's is that there are many pre-designed themes available for it.

If installing Wordpress and a theme on a server isn't your jam (or sounds completely alien to you), I can do this for you and add in your content, images, plugins and integrate it with PayPal (or another payment gateway) if need be, just ask me how!

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Gold laptop showing the home page from the Transitions Physiotherapy Perth website

Silverstripe web development

Whilst Wordpress might be the giant of all content management systems, Silverstripe is the developers dream. If you have a project that is out of the ordinary and does not fit into a neat little box, a custom developed Silverstripe website and application might be the way to go.

The content management system itself is very easy and intuitive to use, whilst it's flexibility means it is an ideal framework for building custom applications and websites. It is also super secure, it even runs Westpac's website in New Zealand

If you have an aversion to Wordpress (and some people do) or your website needs to do things differently, I can offer you an affordable web design service utilising Silverstripe.

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Small home based businesses

Are you a new small home based business? A 'fempreneur' or '#girlboss' perhaps? If you are just starting out as solo operator working from home, I may be able to offer you a payment plan to make your website more affordable by spreading the payments out over several months. Get in touch to find out more.

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