am i?

Three Fantale lollies Black and white photo of hand holding an icecream, with a grainy texture

a bit about me...

I was born in Geraldton, Australia in 1975. My mother was a baker and my father an engineer... just kidding! (although it is all true).

I am a freelance website developer & designer in Perth, Australia. I live and breathe websites. When I should be sleeping, you will often find my mind in cyber space.

I am an autodidact. Want me to do something odd or unusual? No problems, I’ll figure it out. I love a challenge. I hate being bored... I am a human doing.

I am an introvert. I like to work. I like to think. I like to create.

I am a front end developer. I am a back end developer, but mostly I do the full stack.

I am a Silverstripe developer & a Wordpress developer. PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript & JQuery is all good and I think Google Maps API is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

I also like to design when the project is right for me and my skillset. I love industries and organisations that help people, animals or the environment. I like products and services that make life more fun.

I am passionate about getting girls interested in coding, and it is something I hope to become more involved in. I believe that STEM is where the jobs of the future lie.

I am a dog lover, an animal enthusiast. I love the earth and nature. I love the possibilities of space, technology & the future.

I believe that I can offer you infinite possibilities & creative solutions for your next web project.

That is who I am.